Steenland Investment Strategies, LLC is a North Carolina State Registered Investment Advisory firm. Our purpose is to assist our client's in building financial assets for the purpose of their choice. Many client's use our services to accumulate the needed financial resources for Retirement, Children's Education, etc. We follow Disciplined Investment Principles and are committed to the Highest Levels of Integrity.

Our Commitment Statement

As your Advisor, we will be singularly focused on one goal.
This goal will be to help you achieve your financial objectives by insuring you have a successful investment experience.
To accomplish this goal, we will use the following steps:
Identify the true purpose of your money.
Structure investment strategies that prove the best opportunity to choose the purpose you have identified.
Employ scientifically proven money management techniques that provide us with the best opportunity to strike the delicate balance between investment risk and investment return.
Be committed to ensuring that every solution is a client centered solution and to the principal that your interest as our client will always come first.

Our Pledge

When you become our client, we promise to:
Put your interests first at all times.
Manage your investments with prudence, a long term perspective, and the goal of insuring you have a successful investment experience.
Adhere to the highest standards of ethical behavior and fiduciary responsibility.
Consistently add value to our relationship by striving to deliver outstanding performance and service, while keeping costs as low as possible.
Communicate candidly with you about the risks and rewards associated with the investment process, always endeavoring to keep these in proper perspective.
Maintain the necessary controls to protect your assets and confidential information.
Continuously improve as we strive for excellence in all that we do.

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